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About the Author

print("hello world"), I am Justin3go, a front-end engineer, but more a computer enthusiast. I like to fiddle with some efficiency tools, try various software tools and tool websites, love open source, sharing, exploring, and creating value with code;

📷(snap), I am also a photography enthusiast. Save a snapshot of your own system, when there is a problem with the operation, this snapshot may be your lifesaver;

🏸( bug ), a badminton enthusiast, running 8 hours a week, keeping the body healthy, and clearing the bugs in life through swing, ensuring daily energy;

Tech Stack: JavaScript, Vue.js, Nest.js, Python, Solidity, Django, ElasticSearch, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, Scrapy, Docker, Jest, GraphQL, VItepress, Vite, TypeScript


This part is mainly a summary and arrangement of the knowledge I have learned, which is more systematic and rich compared to the blog's tab, welcome everyone to read and comment, I am gradually organizing historical documents into this website, and there are some book notes.

  • Note 1: Some articles may have been written a long time ago and have not been updated. I just organized them. The workload to correct them one by one is too large, so if there are any problems, please comment, I will reply in time.
  • Note 2: Most of the articles in the notes are organized from other people's video tutorials, articles, books, due to historical reasons, many notes come from local uploads, the specific reference to that article is not recorded, so if the articles in the notes violate your copyright, please contact or comment in time; For the new articles in the future, I will indicate the source of the referenced online articles, video tutorial addresses, book names, etc...

Social Platforms

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Here is a simple description of what I will do on the relevant social platforms:

  • github: Some of the code in the article, if it is project-level, I will host it on this platform; and I will also do some small project demos myself;
  • twitter: Just post casually, nothing important